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Tape Mold and Cast Mold

Step-by-step instructional video, your blueprint to custom prosthesis cast/tape mold orders.

The Business

Covers insurance claims, diagnostic codes, invoices, marketing to hospitals, warranties and guarantees and much more.

Introduction to hair Replacement

Step-by-Step instructional video teaching tracking, fitting, modifying, taping, attaching, stitching, and removing.

Lace Wig Attachment

Detailed commentary on attaching and removing the lace wig attachment.

Prosthesis Product Guide

Video covers Vacuum Fit Prosthesis, Cranial Prosthesis, alteration, integration, partial and extension.

Base Material Kit

This consultation kit comes with Base Material (template not included).

The Business Plan

Business products, market research, business operations, financial projections, mission statements, executive summary, cover sheet and all you need to write a plan that works.

All About Insurance

Insurance diagnosis codes, hospital marketing, forms, invoices, sample letters. Assists in providing your clients through the challenges they may have with being compensated by the insurance companies.

How To Conduct a Consultation

Answer any questions you may have about conducting a consultation, your vocabulary, pricing, how to close the sale and much more.

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