All About Hair 2015

Hair Replacement by Gigi gives you a detailed look at every area of hair replacement. Invest in your craft now and reserve a seat. Lay-a-way plans are also available. You can register by calling (510) 355-0353 or by filling out this form.

Prosthesis Designs


The design of the hair system determines the aesthetic result. We will teach you the design strategies behind great hair systems so you get perfect systems every time. Plus you will learn how to design every possible type of hair system including: full caps, partials, integration, skins, and alteration. You will learn to make a perfect tape template and plaster mold and the markings placed upon them which are critical in order to obtain a perfect aesthetic result.

  • Base materials
  • Vacuum
  • Cranial
  • Customs & Partial
  • Order Forms
  • Mold Making
  • Lace Front
  • Hair Line Designs
  • Attachments

Call for class schedules in your area.

To reserve a seat, please submit the registration form, and select payment option.

Prosthesis Designs - Class


If you'd like to discuss hair replacement classes with one of our team members, we have multiple avenues of contact.
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16378 East 14th street,
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