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HLS by Gigi offers valuable resources that supplement our classes and lectures.
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This is more than a book, it is a library of knowledge that would take a lifetime to learn and cost thousands of dollars. She has put it together into a training format that is easy to learn from and to put into practice.
Gigi's inspiration that comes from within her that motivates her clients and her audience in workshops all over the country is laced throughout this whole book that makes it one of a kind. As her mentor and friend I am proud to know from the front row seat in my training class years ago she has risen with god's grace to be a Master at her craft and that this work of hers will empower many professionals to serve so many more women and men that have suffered hair loss.

-Jeffery Paul

Hair replacement-the curriculum

$299.99 USD (plus tax)

This book is a compilation of my legacy of over 30 years of experience in the hair replacement industry. I designed Hair Replacement – The Curriculum as a textbook. It is an easy to read, step-by-step guide, not only on the trade of hair replacement, but also on building your successful business.

Many years ago, when I entered this trade, I forged ahead, learning as I went along. As you can imagine, there were many bumps along the way. Yet, over time, I learned how to build a reputable business in the hair replacement field. This book is my spiritual journey, led by God, to teach others what I learned the hard way.

In writing this book I recapture the many tools, techniques, terminology, and methods that I learned from my career. I assembled this information to educate you, the cosmetology professional, on how to succeed in the hair replacement industry. In this long overdue book, every aspect of the field of hair replacement is explained, from marketing yourself in your community, designing hair prosthesis, hiring employees, interacting with clients, the billing process, completing insurance forms, and so much more. Nothing is left to chance. Hair Replacement – The Curriculum is written with care to provide you with all of the knowledge needed to avoid costly mistakes.

Dont lose your clients because they are losing their hair

$129.00(plus tax)

Become experts in quality hair replacement and prosthesis design, which will benefit both the specialist/stylist and their clients.